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The Songs from the TV Show

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Have you ever sat at your computer looking for information about a Monkees episode and wondered what songs were in which episode?! Well, I'm going to solve all of your problems. While TVLand is showing the Monkees on TV this summer (12:30 am central time Saturday and Sunday) I am recording every that means, i can find out all of the songs for you guys!!! Hopefully each week, either on Sunday or Monday, I will post the songs for the past weekend. I will post where you can get the lyrics, and if I have them, a picture of that episode so you kow which one I'm talking about. I hope you enjoy!!

Royal Flush

Episode #1: Royal Flush aired: 9/12/66
"This just doesn't seem to be my day"
"Take a Giant Step"

Monkee See, Monkee Die

Episode #2: Monkee See, Monkee Die aired: 9/19/66
"Last Train to Clarksville"
"Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day"

Monkees vs Machine

Episode #3: Monkees vs. Machine aired: 9/26/66
"Saturday's Child"
"Last Train to Clarksville"

Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers

Episode #4: Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers
aired: 10/3/66
"Let's Dance On"
"Steppin Stone"
"Last Train to Clarksville"

The Spy Who Came in From The Cool

Episode #5: The Spy Who Came in From the Cool
aired: 10/10/66
"Kind of Girl I could Love"
"Steppin Stone"
"All the Kings Horses"
"Saturday's Child"

Success Story

Episode #6: Success Story aired: 10/17/66
"Shades of Gray"
"Sweet Young Thing"

Monkees in a Ghost Town

Episode #7: Monkees in a Ghost Town aired: 10/24/66
"Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day"
"Papa Gene's Blues"

Gift Horse

Episode #8 Gift Horse aired: 10/31/66
Songs: Papa Gene's Blues
All The King's Horses

The Chaperone

Episode #9 The Chaperone aired: 11/7/66
Songs: Midnight Train
Take A Giant Step
You Just Maybe The One

Here Come The Monkees

Episode #10 Here Come The Monkees aired:11/14/66
Songs: *upbeat version* I Wanna Be Free
Let's Dance On

Episode #11: Monkees A La Carte aired: 11/21/66
Songs: not avalible

Episode #12: I've Got a Little Song Here aired: 11/28/66
Songs: I'm gonna Buy Me a Dog
For Pete's Sake

I've got a little song here

One Man Shy

Episode #13: One Man Shy aired: 12/5/66
Songs: Forget that Girl
You just may be the One (or as Mike said You May Just Be The One)

Episode #14: Dance Monkee Dance aired: 12/12/66
Songs: I'll Be Back Upon My Feet
I'm A Believer

Dance Monkee Dance

Episode #15: Too Many Girls aired: 12/19/66
Songs: Steppin Stone, Different Drum (a Michael "Blessing" Nesmith Original) and I'm a Believer

Too Many Girls

Episode #16: Son Of a Gypsy aired: 12/26/66
Songs: Let's Dance On, Last Train To Clarksville, I'm a Believer

Son of a Gypsy

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